Etiquette Tips for Home Buyers in Chicago

Etiquette Tips for Home Buyers in Chicago

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You probably would have been taught good manners by your parent but what constitutes good etiquette can differ widely by situation. So in the context of home buying, when turn between your budget and dreams it can be tough to remember such etiquettes.

Here is a guide to make sure you stay on your best manner while dealing with your real estate agent.


  • Be Prompt

When you have an appointment make sure you are there on time because in the real sense, you might not be the only appointment your estate agent has that day. Getting to appointments late with your estate agent can throw off the rest of their day. Being prompt will show your estate agent that you value them and their time, which is important for any relationship, either personal or professional.


  • Be Communicative

Being communicative can be reflected in a number of different ways.

  1. You have to be clear about the expectations you have for your dream home. Be as detailed as possible when it comes to deal breakers. If you are not so sure, it is fine too, but still respond to your real estate agent honestly as they show you homes that perfectly embody what you are not looking for.
  2. Also, home buying can sometimes be quite a time critical process. Home tours and open houses come with a lot of plans and scheduled coordination, so do your real estate agent the favor of responding to phone calls or emails quickly so they can make the proper preparations.


  • Be Respectful

While you are packing, juggling work and being on top of the process of home buying, you can easily forget little necessary things like a quick line in an email thanking and wishing your real estate agent a good day, or asking how their family is. It is important to build a good relationship and both enjoy the interactions because you are working closely together.


  • Be Exclusive

In some instances, having different options might seem like the smart or best thing to do. For instance, when purchasing a mobile car, you will visit not just only one car dealer shop but various ones with different products. But in some other cases, it gives more work and cost for everyone that is involved. Having multiple real estate agents working for you can make them waste valuable time. Also, if you are working with a buying agent, leave the contact listing of agents to them, do not do it yourself. Make sure everyone is on the same page.


  • Be Willing to Buy

When you are not totally interested in buying a home, do not solicit for the help of a real estate agent. Since listings go quickly in many markets, be always ready to pay when the perfect house is found. Do not offer to buy a house you cannot afford.


Building a good business relationship with your real estate agent is really easy if you are of good conducts and respect them and their time most especially.


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